Wedding Planning Checklist

There are many things you’re going to need to make sure you’ve done when it comes to planning your wedding. Keep this checklist handy before your big day- and during!

9-12 Months Ahead:

  • Announce your engagement to the world!
  • Pick the day you want to get married-think of the season
  • Choose the type of wedding you’d like to have
  • Consider different locations
  • Settle on an estimated number of guests
  • Examine your budget
  • Research reception locations
  • Select and order a bridal gown
  • Choose theme
  • Choose ceremony location
  • Choose officiant

6-9 Months Ahead

  • Choose caterer
  • Book photographer
  • Choose wedding party
  • Choose musicians/band
  • Choose and book florist
  • Register for gifts

4-6 Months

  • Schedule Fittings
  • Order cake
  • Thin down guest list
  • Finalize times and order of events
  • Order invitations
  • Plan and book honeymoon
  • Buy wedding party gifts
  • Buy accessories
  • Order favors
  • Order wedding bands

2-4 Months

  • Plan wedding hair
  • Send invitations
  • Choose ceremony readers
  • Choose guest book attendant

6-8 Weeks

  • Track all guests who have RSVP’d
  • Make final purchases
  • Fine tune details
  • Get marriage license
  • Order Tuxedo

2-6 Weeks

  • Finalize all plans!
  • Create wedding day schedule
  • Contact guests who have not responded
  • Pick up wedding rings

1 Week

  • Rest! Take a break and enjoy the experience.
  • Be sure that all contractors have clear guidelines
  • Pack your honeymoon bags
  • Arrange for things to be taken care of on your honeymoon

Night Before

  • Attend rehearsal
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Be sure everyone knows the order of events
  • Are you relaxing?

Day of

  • Let everyone else worry :) You are more than prepared and should relax and enjoy yourself!
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